Coming home on break during my sophomore year at High Point University, I had grown out a sizable beard and stache. My mom loved it, but she had one of those looks on her face. You see, I grew up in a home with medical parents. My mother obtained a science degree in nursing and my father received his M.D. degree at Wright State. As she approached my face to examine my facial hair she suggested I go to the microbiology lab to swab areas of my beard. She stated if I were to be sporting a beard it would be the CLEANEST there was. When it came to her boys she was incredibly tenacious. She showed us how to make things possible and anything ordinary was not acceptable. After many calls to pharmacists and labs, we continued to research for the best ingredients to put in our products. Before I knew it samples of beard supplies showed up at my fraternity house.

Beard Doctors was founded in 2015 by a son and mother team from Naples, Florida.


Beard Wash

Beard Doctors’ supplies allow your beard to reach its full potential. No more washing your masterpiece with regular shampoo and conditioner.

It is time that your beard gets the proper care that it deserves. Our wash and oil are made to clean facial hair. Beard Doctors Beard Wash provides a way to maintain a healthy beard. The ingredients in the wash help rid of the dead skin (beard flakes) that build up under the hair and on the skin, and also help soften your facial hair. Furthermore, even though it is intended for beards, the wash will still act as a normal shampoo for the hair on your scalp!

Our Beard Oils

Our beard oils include jojoba, coconut oils, apricot kernel, and argan carrier oils, which keep both your skin and facial hair healthy. They also include essential oils, which provide your beard with a fantastic smell. Beard Doctors’ products can be used for all beard sizes, shapes, and colors. Not only will you feel cleaner and manlier, but you will also smell amazing. Ladies will love you, men will envy you, and your possibilities will be limitless!

Beard Oiks



Using our products may cause you to be irresistible.